Thinking About Academic Planning

What is the best way to proceed with academic planning? Let's think about this using the following key words as cues.

Intentional Learning

Academic planning should be something that you have ownership of and take the initiative in. University is a place for the free pursuit of intellectual exploration. At the same time, that means you are responsible for your own learning. You are expected to establish firm purposes and goals for studying at this university. It is not acceptable for you to say, “Just because.” about your academic choices.

Explore and Focus

Explore multiple areas of scholarship. Through course work and academic research, you will come to understand what academic areas there are and what is studied in those areas. Even if you have a good idea of what areas you would like to major in, instead of deciding on them without much thought, you are encouraged to explore your horizons by studying in a variety of disciplines. Then, after some exploration, you will decide an area that you want to pursue further as a major. This is focus.

Unity in Diversity

University is sometime said to mean “unity in diversity.” Research and education activities at ICU encompass diverse areas of knowledge. This reflects the fact that scholarship is an attempt to understand the complexity and diversity of the world that we live in. At first glance, individual courses you take may seem unrelated to one another, but just as things in the universe are intricately interwoven and bound together by an underlying unity, those academic areas that may seem unrelated at first are in fact integrally linked to one another. The course of your studies will actually be a path towards the understanding of this unity and the way in which knowledge is integrated. This is a profound question, and in this regard all of us at ICU who are engaged in research and education are challenged by this question. When you graduate from ICU, what will your answer be?