秋休みが始まりました。短いお休みですが、旅行に出かけたり、アルバイトに励んだり、いつもとは少し違うことをしてお過ごしになるのではないかと思いま す。みなさん、ぜひリフレッシュして、冬学期に戻ってきてくださいね。秋休み中もアカデミックプランニング・センターは開室しています(平日9:30-12:00、13:00-16:30)。じっくり相談したいことでも、ちょっと気になることがあって相談したいことでも、気軽においでくださ い。(スタッフ:おー)

Autumn Recess has stared. Enjoy the beautiful autumn and come back refreshed for winter term!
Academic Planning Center is open during the autumn recess 9:30 - 12:00, 13:00 - 16:30 on weekdays. Feel free to stop by if you have something you would like to sit and talk or just have a quick question. (Written by Staff O)


Some of you may watch the Video Guidance for Registration System since registration system/schedule has changed from Autumn term.  In fact, the Academic Planning Center collaborated with other offices to make the video.  This case may be unusual, but we are happy to work together with other staffs to support the students and faculty. (Written by Staff I)
Video Guidance for Registration System(Internal website)

10月に米国アトランタで開催された、アカデミック・アドヴァイジングのカンファレンスに参加しました。今年のテーマは"Advising to Learn"。ICUの学生の皆さんは自発的に学ぶようにと言われていると思いますが、私たちアドヴァイザーもアクティブに学びました。そして、Student Successにアドヴァイジングがどのように貢献できるか、全米、カナダ、世界から集まった3500名のアドヴァイザーが熱く話し合いました。(スタッフ:おー)
In October, I attended a conference on Academic Advising held in Atlanta, the USA. The theme of this year's conference is "Advising to Learn". Much as we ask our students to engage in their education and take an active role in their learning, we were asked to challenge ourselves to do the same! As many as 3,500 advisors from the US, Canada and around the world gathered in Atlanta to discuss passionately how the advising can contribute to student success. (Written by Staff O)