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Mission Statement

Academic Planning Center (APC) Mission Statement

The Academic Planning Center is committed to fostering intentional learners through academic advising, in line with the mission and goals of the university. The Academic Planning Center also contributes to the further development of ICU’s academic advising by facilitating dialogue between students, faculty, and staff members.

Established September 18, 2007

ICU Brothers and Sisters (IBS) Mission Statement

The mission of the IBS is “To foster intentional learners”, using a student’s perspective and knowledge base, working in tandem with the APC.
The IBS aims to enhance student’s experiences during the advising process. As student facilitators, they work within the student body, raising awareness of the importance of academic planning and making this key component an integral part of ICU culture.

Established July 13, 2010

Action Plan

APC will realize our mission by carrying out the following:

1) Collect information regarding majors comprehensively across campus and provide students with accurate and current information

2) Give students opportunities to reflect on their academic history in order to improve their academic planning

3) Work in partnership with faculty and staff in order to support students’ academic success

4) Keep abreast of the latest theories and practices and acquire advanced knowledge of academic advising

5) Disseminate knowledge about academic advising on campus and improve our support of faculty as well as students

6) Evaluate and assess what we offer for continuous improvement

Although we do not replace faculty advising, we are here to supplement their advice and help students find their way to become a self-directed "intentional learner".