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Q1. What can I ask at APC?

The APC staff mainly deals with matters regarding your short-term and long-term academic planning (what courses to take, what major(s) to choose, who to choose as a Senior Thesis advisor, study abroad/career issues, etc), but we do not limit what could be asked at APC. It is absolutely OK to come to us even when your ideas are not concrete. We will listen to you first, identify your concerns, and will make appropriate referrals to other professionals if necessary.

Q2. Do I need to make an appointment to go to APC?

No. Although we might have to ask you to wait when we are in service with other students, please do not hesitate to visit us at anytime during our office hour.

Q3. Is APC open during long holidays?

The APC is open during Spring, Summer, and Autumn breaks except for the designated day /period of time when all campus offices are closed.

Q4. When and where can I see peer advisors (IBS: ICU Brothers and Sisters)?

IBS stations at APC from 13:00 to 15:00 during the term (period during which classes are offered). An appointment is not necessary. Feel free to stop by at the APC.