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Background Information of APC

The background information of the establishment of the Academic Planning Center

ICU was founded after World War II with the dual purposes of being a university imbued with the Christian spirit and fostering future leaders who advocate world peace. ICU emphasizes the mission of service to education, research, and society and is a "university of tomorrow" that was established with the aim of serving God and people.


In order to fulfill this aim, ICU has developed a liberal arts curriculum that allows students to choose from a wide range of majors spanning a number of disciplines. This encourages learners who are able to recognize and benefit from cross-disciplinary connections and who enjoy rich learning environments and experiences. ICU’s academic advising system facilitates this type of learning, enabling students to visit with professors outside of class to ask questions or discuss topics in a non-threatening environment.


In 2008, the current system of majors was introduced, which enables students to more freely pursue their academic interests and enhance their education. This change in the academic process means that students are more actively involved in selecting fields of study and working towards academic goals of their own choosing. The system of majors is a step towards fostering "intentional learners."


While maintaining the existing "academic advising" based on dialogue between students and faculty, we have progressed one step further with "academic planning." Students are active participants in their learning and carry out their own academic planning. In other words, we aim to facilitate students’ growth by developing their potential through dialogue and supporting their intentional learning. The Academic Planning Center was established in order to support the academic planning process and to create a place where students can freely dialogue about their plans.