About APC

Academic Planning Center (APC) opened in AY2008, the year the major system was introduced. Together with faculty advisors, who have been available since the founding of ICU, APC helps students become active learners through academic advising. The center mainly assists with selecting a major but also learning after deciding on a major and various options while enrolled, such as study abroad, Teacher Certification Program, Curatorial Training Program, service learning, and extracurricular activities. The center also supports how students engage with their own learning while looking to the future.

Anything involving learning is fine. If you don’t know which major to choose, if there is something you don’t know about course planning, if you are debating between study abroad and service learning, if you want advice on your senior research theme, etc., then APC is the place to visit. Although it will not provide answers, APC will help you organize your thoughts through dialogue, provide necessary information, suggest possible options, and think with you. Depending on the topic of advising, the center will serve as a bridge to offices that or faculty who can give more detailed advice. It is students themselves who take these into consideration, compare them with their values and priorities, and make the final decision.

APC employs and trains ICU Brothers and Sisters (IBS), who are student peer advisors. As peers, IBS helps with planning from a student standpoint so that ICU students’ learning becomes more fulfilling and bears the role of transmitting rich liberal arts learning experiences.